Dan Harper

Building out a small corner of the www.


Experienced software engineer, background in full-stack web application development.

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Mar 2017 – Present
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Staff Software Engineer leading projects on Workrooms - Meta's VR collaboration suite - and Workplace. Previously built productivity-focused calling experiences for Messenger Desktop.


Aug 2011 – Feb 2017
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Led a small team through the development of several web and mobile applications, primarily InventoryBase. Established a culture of responsible software development with modern architecture practices, TDD, CI, and Agile.


2007 – 2012

Developed small marketing sites and applications for local businesses; sold many templates & projects on the ThemeForest marketplace.

Part of a team of regular staff authors writing numerous web development articles for the Tuts+ network covering the latest web technologies.

Open Source

I was on the core Babel team for a short amount of time before joining Facebook. I mostly improved Babel/Babylon's parsing of Flow types, enabling a richer set of ESLint plugins to be created for Flow syntax.

Below are some other projects I've either built or maintained. Nothing very recent, though.

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PHP implementation of IBM’s specification for representing JSON as XML - developed to add drop-in support for XML to existing JSON APIs through a HTTP middleware.

Built much of, and maintained, a plugin providing lint & auto-fixing support for Flow type annotations in ESLint.

Team of idiots. Building stupid stuff at the PubHack hackathons.

My University had several different ways to calculate your results, but provided no tool for calculating it. I built a small web app to do the calculations, and it was since used by thousands of students, even over 6 years after I graduated.

Just like everyone else with a portfolio on the internet, I have a blog which I haven't updated in years. I won't pretend that this redesign will be any different.

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